Timely Tasks for Daylight Savings

It doesn't matter where you stand on the Daylight Savings debate, what does matter is that this is an excellent day to keep up with some home maintenance that is crucial to your well being!



Here are 3 easy and important tasks to do every six months in your rental or home.


  1. Test your fire alarm batteries.

    1. I’ve always known this is a task that you should do every six months. It’s annoying to do, however super simple and can literally be life saving.

    2. Care for yourself, care for your home, and just test the batteries already!

    3. Pro tip: designate a container for batteries that need to be recycled. You’ll be helping out humankind in general, and saving yourself from a roomie fight when no one can tell the difference between new and used batteries for the TV remote.

  2. Replacing filters

    1. Pro tip: buy two filters every time you go to the store, so you have one for now, and then already have the next filter on hand for DST in the spring (whoa, convenience is key for these little nagging tasks)

    2. Filters that should be checked and replaced: Air conditioning, heater, vacuum, fridge and brita filters.

  3. Deep clean the kitchen and bathroom

    1. The hardest hit areas of the home are the kitchen and bathroom, this is the perfect opportunity to really get in there and maintain the cleanliness of your home. Not only is this great for your health and enjoyment of the rental or home, but regular cleaning helps prevent any long lasting stains or wear on hardware and appliances

    2. Pro tip: start at the top. Pretty common sense, but it will save you time in the long run. First organize, then dust those high shelves and fans,  continue by wiping down any surfaces and finish it off with a deep clean of appliances and floors.


Alright it’s your time to shine. Check these tasks off your list and don’t forget to claim your extra hour on November 6th.