Mid Century Modern Furniture: The Lease Signing Couch

At The Rental Girl’s Los Feliz office we have a killer couch in our Lease Signing Room. We love it’s rich color, slick design, & obvious Instagram-ability. So when a renter recently asked where we got it...we realized we had no idea about it’s “origin”. Doing our due diligence we asked our owner who knew it was a “Poul Jenson.”

After taking a trip down the internet rabbit hole, we came up with some rumor mills saying that Poul Jenson might not even be a real person!? What! Who is this person? Why doesn't this name or person not even come up in a google search or wikipedia? My internet exploration was not fruitful, I don't know what to believe anymore. Le sigh.

In the wake up having no concrete information to pass along to our renter we compiled a quick list of places to find vintage and new versions of our beloved piece.

Lease Signing Couch


The Research:

Joy Bird: So much instagram love for them. New furniture. They have the "Z" chair, and sofas with the same feel as ours. Tons of color options. Seriously I'm obsessed. They also seem like cool people. What can I say?  Their marketing has won me over. I'll take one of everything, thank you.

Danish Modern LA: Def the priciest option, but classy...v classy. And a physical store to visit and peruse for our LA neighbors.

Memoky: I almost ended my search, but then this caught my eye. Closest in style to our couch, with a cute little love seat version!


Happy shopping, we are wishing you all the luck in finding the actual or copycat version of your favorite Mid Century Modern pieces!